To introduce our ‘Travel’ topic we had a hot air balloon land in the classroom…inside was Paddington Bear who had come with his book. We brainstormed all the things we would like to learn over the coming weeks to do with travel…but first, we need to make our suitcases. Come back soon to see how we are getting on.


This term we have been looking at Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale.  Both ladies were called by God to look after sick people.  We compared their lives and thought about how we could be more like them.

We are going on a Bear hunt

Year 1 have been hunting bears!  In literacy we read the book We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen.  We decided we could innovate the story and change parts of it.  After much discussion we decided to go on a ‘treasure chest hunt’.  We all thought of places we could look..but we couldn’t go over them, we couldn’t go under them…we had to go though them!  Finally, we found our own treasure chests but each one had something scary different inside…so we ran home.  Here we are, acting out our stories.

Sports day
The term began with our sports day.  We were excited to show off how amazing we have been at our running, throwing, jumping and determination to have a go.  Here we are at the long jump and the long distance run.

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