Open the windows and open the door
And let the fresh breezes blow in, blow in.
Jack Frost has gone to his home in the north
And all of a sudden it’s Spring!


Design Technology

In DT this half term Year 1 concentrated on food technology in their topic ‘Super Salads’. They started off by carrying out some research into different foods that are often used in salads. They talked about the different food groups that the foods belonged to, and tried them so that they could compare tastes and textures.

The children then used this research to design and make their own super salads, before tasting and evaluating them. 



This half term in their geography lessons Year 1 have been working on their locational knowledge and fieldwork skills, by focussing on Pershore High Street and working towards answering the question, ‘Why is Pershore High Street Like This?’. 

After taking a fieldtrip to look at the High Street and take photos, the children used aerial maps of Pershore to create their own messy maps. Pupils were able to use all the skills they had learnt during the topic to help them create a map, including using basic symbols and practising how to read a map.

At the end of their last lesson, the children took photos of their final maps from above, to show a birds-eye view just like in the aerial photos they had used.

Forest School & Outdoor Learning

In Forest School Year 1 enjoyed working together to make dens. They also helped Mrs Andrews to make a swing and took turns having a go on it. 

In their free learning time at the end of each session the children enjoyed digging, mud painting and climbing, as well as hunting for the nests that Reception Class had made in their Forest School session.