Year 1 Spring Term Forest School

During this half term at Forest School Year 1 have been learning all about plants. We started off with a walk around the school grounds and the Forest School area, identifying deciduous and evergreen plants, which linked in nicely to the following week where we thought about the question ‘What is a plant?’ and looked at the different parts of a plant – concentrating on the flower, petals, leaves, stem and roots.
We played a game where we had to find 4 different cards, with pictures of the sun, soil, air and water on them – the four things plants need to be able to grow strong and healthy. The first time we played we all found all four cards, then we played again but some of the cards had been removed and not many of us had all four elements we needed to grow! This showed us how difficult it can be for plants to grow into strong and healthy plants.
In our last session outside it snowed!! We had great fun trying to catch the snowflakes on our tongues. We also helped to plant some more of the shrubs. Over the weeks we have also played ‘1,2,3, Where Are You?’, climbed the tree in the climbing area, used the digging tools in the digging area, played with the birds and used the binoculars and magnifying glasses…and had lots of fun!
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