Welcome to Holy Redeemer

Grow in Faith and Love

Collective worship

Today our class altar monitors asked if we could have our class worship outside in the garden of reflection.  We listened to ‘Here I am to worship’ by Chris Tomlin to gather us together then we said our morning prayer to focus our thoughts.  We read the bible story of Pentecost then acted out the different symbols.

Year 6 Teach and Guide us in Worship

Some children from Year 6 asked if they could plan and hold a worship session for Year 1.  It was wonderful to hear what they had to tell us.  They read a Pentecost passage then asked us to think about each of our friends in the class.  We were given a slip of paper with a friend’s name on and we had to think about what made that person special.  Then, without saying their name, we took the candle and offered them up to God in our prayers.  Thank you Year 6 for a very special time.


We began our Pentecost unit by thinking about the symbols of Pentecost from the Bible story we listened to.  We thought it must have been very exciting to experience the Holy Spirit and imagined the Holy Spirit visiting us today.


Our Easter unit found us making Easter candles, also called Paschal candles.  We know the Paschal Candle is a special candle that is lit during Easter and on special occasions, like Baptisms. Have a look at our candles on our display, showing us special symbols for Easter time.

Holy Week

This week was packed full of activities.  We learned about this special week that we felt was exciting, but also sad.  We made palm leaves ready for waving at Jesus…we had our feet washed by Mrs. Sanders and Miss Cox…we made bread and shared it in our own Last Supper…and finally, we said a sad goodbye to Jesus in a Holy week presentation by Year 6 in church.

Preschool Visit for Collective Worship

We invited Preschool to join in with our collective worship.  They listened to our songs and we thought about things we could say thank you to God for…we chose;
an apple…to say thank you to people who grow our food;
a cross of love…because we love Jesus;
water…we are grateful we have clean water to drink;
a rock…Jesus is our rock;
the prayer man…because Jesus taught us how to pray;
the bible…because it tells us the best story in the world;
the prayer bag…because God is always listening to us;
the candle…because Jesus lights our path every day.


Year 1 have been very busy during lent this term.  We have used this time to reflect and make changes in our lives.  We have worked hard to grow our faith by thinking of others.
We gave to charity…we made a penny trail of our pocket money and just like our faith, the pennies grew..and grew…and grew…

…and we played board games to raise money.

We also made Lenten crosses and thought about Jesus dying on the cross for us.

Thank You for Your Assembly, Year 2!

We enjoyed watching Year 2’s assembly so much that we were inspired to make our own Rosaries.

Sharing Jesus’ life and Forgiveness

When you need to learn how to show forgiveness, the children in 1 are always ready with a hug.  We thought about different ways we show forgiveness.

We learned about some of the disciples, Jesus’ special friends.  Year 1 are growing to be great disciples too.  What qualities do you think you need to be a disciple?


We listened to the story of how the three Wise Men travelled a long way to give Jesus special gifts.  We wondered what gift we could give.


We had a wonderful time at our Advent retreat day with Onelife.  They taught us all about what Advent means.

We got very excited learning about how Advent is a time to prepare for the birth of Jesus.  During this time we changed our altar and covered it with a purple cloth. We know purple is the colour for Advent.  We made our own Advent wreaths and presented one to the Values Council.  We thought it was like a jigsaw of candles, with each one having its own meaning.

Our First Class Assembly

We worked hard to prepare for our first assembly of the year and really enjoyed it. We taught the school and our parents lots of things about Prayer.

Families and Celebrations Topic

We had great fun thinking of different celebrations we attend.  We knew we celebrated Jesus’ life in many ways too.  We thought of Mass and how we celebrate Jesus’ life with the congregation every Sunday.

Collective Worship with Reception

During Advent we invited Reception to share a class worship, that we had planned, with us.  We shared a prayer that we had written together and sang our favourite song, ‘Our Lighthouse’, by Rend Collective.
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During collective worship we discussed homes and houses.  We thought Year 1 was like a family.  Afterwards we built God’s house.  We knew the cross was a special symbol we find in our church.