Year 1 First Week Highlights

What a fantastic start to the year for Year 1! The children have all settled in really nicely and have already shared, laughed and learnt. Here are a few highlights of the first week:

The class have been learning about the creation story and how God created everything in the world. They made paper plates of their favourite days. Here Maddie decided to focus on Day 6 which is when God created animals and humans.

Wednesday morning started off with a mystery as there was a broken chair in the middle of the classroom! The children asked lots of brilliant questions about the chair and even wrote them in their English books. Miss Russell was especially impressed with Isla’s questions and writing and as such Isla was awarded Writer of the Week for Year 1. Maybe we will find out what happened to the chair next week? Stay tuned!

Year 1 have been reading the Lion Inside Me and thinking about how they could all be brave and courageous like the mouse in the story. We all have a roar inside of us!

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