“Fluttering and rustling everywhere,
Down sped the leaflets through the air.”

                                                      Susan Coolidge

Year 1 settled in really quickly and have packed in a whole wealth of learning this term!  Read more about the start of our learning journey in our new class to find out more…


Our first ‘book as a hook’ was Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We made links with other traditional tales that we had read in Reception Class.  We enjoyed making puppets of the characters, acting out the story in our outdoor classroom, writing the story independently and building chairs to replace Baby Bear’s broken one in our construction zone. 

Next, we learnt about Little Red Riding Hood and learnt how to create a story map to retell this story.  We had a fun morning of drama where we went into the school hall and acted out the story.  We learnt about using our voices creatively including changing the volume and the expression in our words.  There were some very convinving Big Bad Wolves!


In maths the children started the term sorting objects and discussed what was the same and differerent.  They deepened their understanidng through their reasoning and problem solving skills.   Miss Taylor was impressed with the mathematicians and pleased to see the children working collaboratively too! 

Our main focus this term was to explore place value for numbers 0-10.  We have used a range of different concrete resources to develop our understanding of each number.  This includes using part-whole models, ten frames, number lines and more!  We have also started our ‘magic maths’ sessions which will help us to further build our maths skills particularly using rekenreks and making links with NumberBlocks.

Forest School

Year 1 were great helpers in their Forest School session this term. They started off by helping Bob and Val out with some jobs in the Eco Garden: litter picking, sweeping and digging over beds ready for winter.

In the Forest School area they learnt how to safely use some tools that were new to them (secateurs and a pruning saw). They used these tools to help Mrs Andrews cut hazel branches that they will use later on in the term to make shelters.

Each week there was also time for some free choice activities and sometimes even a snail hunt.

The children shared their outdoor learning time between working in the school garden and grounds, and exploring the Forest School area. 

The children did an amazing job helping Mrs Andrews with tidying up the grounds and weeding in the eco garden, and then went on a stick hunt in Forest School, to see how many different kinds of sticks they could find. They discovered a wide range of sticks and then worked together to compare and contrast them, using lots of great vocabulary. Well done everyone!


In science, we started learning about ‘everyday materials’ and exploring what our world is made from.  We identified different materials and learnt more about the names and properties of them.  Our favourites lessons were our investigations and finding out more about what each material was suitable for.

Design Technology

The children have been working together to research houses and use what they have learnt to help them design and build strong houses for the Three Little Pigs, based on set criteria. The children really enjoyed this and photos will be added once the houses have been built!


In their local geography study Year 1 have been exploring Pershore looking at the human features; churches and schools. Last week they went on a field trip around Pershore to see what kinds of places of worship and schools there were. The children already knew about Holy Redeemer school and church, but were interested to learn were else people go locally to pray and learn. They spotted a Baptist Church, an evangelical church and Pershore Abbey. They were very lucky to meet up with Mrs Andrews at the Abbey, who gave them a tour. 

The children also found that there are lots of schools in Pershore, and that there are different types of schools; primary, middle and secondary. After all that learning, there was some time to play on the park and jump in puddles. What a great day.


As well as their PE lessons with Mrs Annis, which have focused on development of fundamental skills (locomotion, stability and object manipulation), Year 1 went to a multi-skills festival, to apply everything they had learnt!


In computing, they have been learning what technology is. They logged on to the laptops for the first time and learnt how to use a track pad.

Continuous Provision

As part of supporting transition from Reception to Year 1, there has also been some time in class for the children to explore their own learning, based on their class topics and objectives.