“Fluttering and rustling everywhere,
Down sped the leaflets through the air.”

                                                      Susan Coolidge

September 2020

Welcome Topic

Our welcome topic is based on ‘The Book of Hopes’, in particular ‘The Hope-o-potamus’ by Greg James and Chris Smith. It allows the children to settle back into the classroom and recap basic skills from Reception.

This process will allow us to revise certain skills and build a foundation, which will enhance the deeper learning skills through our main topic ‘Traditional Tales’ and ‘Fairy Tales.’

Look at how much fun we had during our first two days in Year 1:

We have:

  • Found out about Africa
  • Counted African animals
  • Explored the globe and existing maps of Africa

We have created:

  • post cards
  • travel brochures
  • weather forecasts


In week 2, featured ‘Our Mini Adventure.’ The children were photographed on their adventure around school accompanied by their small toy (each toy was cleaned after use). The children then wrote about their experience.

The Plan

I have planned for this welcome experience to develop into an enhanced scheme of work where the children can use the same structured activities to create a ‘Far Far Away Tourist Information Centre.’ Therefore, they can provide information on visiting the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ by producing their own maps, leaflets, travel brochures and postcards.

Jack (and the Beanstalk) meets the estate agent.

The week beginning 14.09.2020, the children discovered a giant beanstalk had grown in the classroom with a letter from Jack attached to it. Jack wanted us to find the Magic Man, who sold him the beans. The following week, the friendly but messy giant climbed down and left another letter, this time, asking us to be estate agents so he / she could sell his / her castle. This magical journey inspired the writing above. We also made 22 leaves and counted forwards and backwards around the beanstalk.

The Three Little Pigs (and the insurance claim).

The week beginning 28.09.2020, saw the building site open for business. The ‘Far Far Away Tool Hire Centre’ and ‘Building Yard’ was up and running inspiring list and instruction writing as well as completion of order forms. The TOY tool station also made an appearance.

However, there was no sign of the wolf, who went to rest his eyes after a busy, gusty afternoon. Following an apology letter from the wolf, the insurance claim was launched and building commenced on re-enforcing the straw and wood houses.

Every day at 10.30am, a child is chosen through lollipop sticks to collect the post. One day there was a letter from the insurance company. 

Story Maps and Writing Mixed up Fairytales.

Also in the beginning 28.09.2020, we started to story map the Three Little Pigs. Then, we innovated it to include different buildings and characters including the undefeatable team of Woody, Buzz and Bow Peep.

Far, Far Away Holiday Review Brochure

Click the picture below to be transported to a world of imagination!

click the picture

Insurance Quotes for the New Build

Click in the insurance company icons to open the children’s quotes for rebuilding the Three Little’s Pigs’ Houses:

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Our topic in maths this term is place value within 20. The children have been using concrete objects and pictorial representations to solve problems and reasoning tasks.

During maths this week, the children were counting objects 0-20, selecting a given number from a group of objects, selecting any given number card from randomised piles, and ordering number cards. The children also sorted cubes and recorded them on a chart.

Role Play

The Far, Far Away Tourist Information Centre is up and running! The children have been making bookings and leaving reviews for five different fairy tale settings. 


Art and Design

On Friday 2nd October, the children took part in a junk modelling afternoon. As the insurance claim had come through, the children were able to design, build and paint new houses for the Three Little Pigs.

At the end of the day, Mr Hawtree was so tired that he went to rest his eyes and handed over to his newly appointed apprentice.

Design and Technology

On Friday, Year 1 were visited by a team of builders. Under the safe supervision of their teacher, they began to build a structure for the outdoor area using:

  • A tape measure
  • A saw
  • A cordless hammer drill
  • A hammer
  • 75x50mm sawn timber (3×2″)
  • Timber screws
  • Wooden pallets.
  • The felt roof is to be added in due course.

This project will form a ‘Far, Far Away Restaurant’ under canopy (hopefully). This will inspire, imaginary play; menu, recipe and ingredients writing opportunities and counting opportunities, as well as speech and language development and knowledge of money exchange.

The Grand Opening of the Far, Far Away Cafe

Mrs Breakwell, our school governor, came to open the Michelin Star: Far, Far Away Cafe. The children beamed in excitement as they took turns to be the chef, waiters / waitresses and customers. Children have been writing their own orders this week. 

As the half term break came in sight, we went outside to look for and photograph signs of Autumn. Back in class we wrote lists of what we had seen and talked about which of the things on our lists were signs of Autumn.

We then finished off our topic by using puppets to tell some mixed up fairy tales and had a go at writing some!

Gingerbread Man Week

During Gingerbread man Week all the children’s learning was inspired by this classic children’s story. The children loved listening to and reading the story, acted it out using puppets in the book corner, role played being Granny and the Gingerbread Man in Granny’s Kitchen roleplay corner, counted and ordered gingerbread men in maths, made gingerbread men in DT and investigated what happens to gingerbread men when left in different liquids, in science. It’s no wonder that gingerbread man ran away!

Forest School

After October half term Forest School resumed for Year 1. They were able to use our brand new Forest School Area, next to school. During their first session they had some time to explore the area, then Mrs Andrews gave then a 30 second challenge to see how many autumn leaves they could find and thread onto a skewer. They then practised their maths skills to count how many leaves they had and compare them with a partner, before using them to practise partitioning and number bonds to ten. The sun shone and a fantastic afternoon of outdoor learning was had by everyone.