“Fluttering and rustling everywhere,
Down sped the leaflets through the air.”

                                                      Susan Coolidge

Year 1 have had a very busy first term, where we were creative, learnt lots and had fun. There are too many highlights to mention them all, but here are a few of our best bits! 


We started off the term learning about traditional stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs. To support this, we went to the Oxford Story Telling Museum where we improved our story telling skills even more. Whilst there, we went on a space journey, went on a bear hunt and listened to a story on a MASSIVE bed. In school, we acted out Little Red Riding Hood in one of our yoga sessions, made different settings out or play dough, and acted out the play in our little theatre.  


The second half of term a penguin turned up at our classroom door because he was lost, like the penguin in Lost and Found. He was looking for a friend and friendship we gave him! We also wrote our own stories about a character who was lost. Near the end of term, we made Christmas cards and wrote instructions on how to make them.  


In Geography we learnt about maps. We created ‘messy maps’ of the classroom, used GoogleMaps to look at our local area, made observations around the school to create our own keys, and finally made a map of our local area – Pershore! We are superstar geographers! 


Science was lots of fun too. We found out about different materials and their properties and we used this knowledge to make a boat for the boy in Lost and Found and a house for the three little pigs. Making a boat out of cling film proved to be difficult and not the best material to use!  


And how did I nearly forget, at the end of term we acted and sang in our first nativity which we performed in front of lots of parents. We were a little bit nervous, but we used that energy to perform brilliantly! Everyone was so impressed with their performance skills.  


Well done Year 1 for a super first term!