World book Day 2023

Another lovely day focussing on books, characters and reading! World Book Day 2023 brought us lots of opportunities to celebrate our favourite books and characters, as well as time to more time to read!

Lots of the children also brought in a favourite book/a copy of the book the character that they were dressed up as was from. One of the pre-school children brought in ‘Growing Frogs’, which sparked the children’s interests and led to a visit to the School pond to look at some frogspawn.

A highlight of the day was the PTA pre-loved book shop, where each child was able to browse and choose a book to take home. After school, any left over books were sold on the playground for a small price. 

Thank you to everyone who donated books, to the PTA who organised and ran the pre-loved book shop, to all the parents who were so busy at home with costumes and props, and to all the staff and children for entering so fully into the spirit of the day.


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