Reception Class: Minibeasts Week 2

This week Reception Class continued with their preparations for their Minibeast Zoo, and on Thursday they enjoyed the grand opening! Oscar was the lucky pupil to cut the ribbon and declare the zoo officially open for visitors. The children took it in turns to be tour guides and show the visitors around the zoo.  

In Maths, they have been developing spatial reasoning by using lots of different shapes to create new shapes. With the Cuisenaire rods the children experimented with different rods to make squares. They also used the shapes to create new patterns or shapes and listened to the story of ‘Grandpa’s Quilt’ by Betsy Franco. Afterwards the children made their own quilt using gummed squares, working as a class to create a long thin rectangle shaped quilt, and then explored how they could move the squares to make a shorter, wider one. Finally, they checked to see if it was long enough for some of them to sleep under.

The class have been busy bug hunting in the outdoor classroom, as well as during Forest School last Friday. They have also enjoyed playing games together, such as Snakes and Ladders, sharing and taking turns. On the Creation Station the children have been using their creativity and imagination to make models of different minibeasts.  

Alongside all of that, the class have been practising Phase 3 and Phase 4 phonics, through playing games and writing labels for objects. What a busy week!


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