Winter Walk 2020

On Saturday Mrs Annis and her team of Winter Walk staff and pupils, led a large group of pupils, parents and staff on our annual walk round the Wetlands. The weather was kind to us, having had to rearrange the date due to flooding last term, although there was still plenty of mud to squelch through and paint stripes on faces with! It was a great opportunity to increase activity, get outside and chat to people we might not have had the opportunity to speak to much before. The ducks and swans were pleased to see us, when we arrived at the dipping platform, and the children especially enjoyed feeding them. There was also a chance to take part in a scavenger hunt, to see how many items could be found on the way round. 

Thank you to Mrs Annis, Mrs Porter, Mrs Andrews and Mrs Clay, for leading the walk, looking after everyone on the way round and for all the refreshments that were waiting for us back at school.

Special thanks also to the group of children who spotted lots of litter during the walk, and decided to use their scavenger bags to collect litter instead. By the time we got back to school they had collected more than a bin liner-full of rubbish. We were all very impressed with your care for the environment and your sense of responsibility and empowerment to do some thing about an issue you noticed. 

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