Well-being Wednesday

This week Mrs Anderson has filmed a meditation for you, around the theme of ‘bubbles’. Follow the link, lie down, close your eyes, listen…and relax.

She also recommends these Thrive activities. Click on the links to download the ideas sheets:

Activities and Ideas for children up to the age of 7

Activities and Ideas for children up to the age of 11

Activities and Ideas for children up to the age of 16

Miss Taylor’s Recommendations for Supporting Children’s Physical and Mental Health

Dear Parents and families,

Sometimes children struggle with difficulties in their lives and need additional support at home and at school. Here are some things you may like to consider when supporting your children at home.

Start Talking

Your child might have worries or concerns. You can explore these together through talking and help them think of ways to manage them.  The MindEd website gives some useful information on this (click on the red button to access this).  Starting a conversation can be challenging and expressing emotions verbally can be difficult too.  A creative task can often be a very therapeutic way of helping them express their feelings. Drawing, painting or colouring can all provide an outlet for your child’s emotions.

Sleep Routine 

To help your child with normal sleep routine you can find some useful information on the NHS website (link below) or you may like to use the home learning pack to explore this further (click on the blue buttons to access this).  This is aimed more at KS2 children, however you could use it with younger children through a more talk based approach rather than written.


Coping Strategies

Model coping strategies you use when feeling stressed such as reconnecting with friends before returning, doing regular exercise or using breathing techniques.  These can be done for 10 minutes a day and can have a really positive effect on mental wellbeing (click on the purple buttons to access ideas for this).

Make yourself available as much as possible

Children may want to come and discuss any worries or generally but maybe not when you expect. Create space for talking in different ways, such as going on a walk together or baking together – there may be less pressure in these circumstances than when sitting face-to-face.

If you have concerns or would like some additional support please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Take care of yourselves,

Miss Taylor

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