Well-being Wednesday

“Creative activities can help children express and communicate both positive and negative feelings. To support your child’s mental health and wellbeing, especially during COVID-19, encourage them to develop a daily routine with breaks to do things they enjoy” (UNICEF)

This week, our Well-being Wednesday activity focuses on developing mindfulness through art and creativity.  This can give children, and adults, opportunity to find a calm space and engage creatively with something.  I have shared some examples of what this could be in this post, though you may just like to get creative in your own way.  Please share what you have created by emailing ht66@holyredeemer.worcs.sch.uk.

Rainbow Pattern Art: you will need a blank rainbow template and the 7 different colours in crayon or felt pen.  Read the instructions below for how to create your patterned rainbow. Remember this activity is to support your mindfulness and well-being so take your time with your rainbow. You could put this up in your house somewhere afterwards.

Mindfulness Mandala: A mandala is a geometric pattern that looks wonderful when coloured in. You have to take care to colour each small section and also try to create a pattern with the colours you use too. You could colour the mandala below, find an alternative one online or create your own!

Mood Tracker: This will create a mandala style piece of art but you complete it over the month. The numbers on the shape represent the days of the month and each day you colour that number in reflecting on how you’re feeling. For example, on the 16th March you would colour the number 16. Before you can start your mood tracker, you need to complete the mood colour key, where you choose colours to represent an emotion. For example, you could colour a circle yellow = happiness.

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