Welcome Assembly

To welcome the new Reception children into our school, Class 6 prepared an assembly and wrote the following prayers and poems to prepare Reception for their new life at Holy Redeemer.

Welcome to Holy Redeemer School,

We are amazing and we’re fairly cool,

If you open your great heart,

You will love it from the start.

There are lots and lots of subjects to do,

Literacy, maths, R.E and sport too.

Our wonderful teachers are great for sure,

You’ll love them even more and more.

Jesus is very important to us all,

He listens to our hearts whenever we call.

In our minds he’s always true,

There is nothing that he can’t do!

We have prefects in this school,

To make sure you follow the rules,

But they’re kind and loving too,

So just make sure you know what they do.

You will blossom through this school,

Just like we did when we were like you!

Alicija and Katie.

Merciful Father, Please guide this year’s Reception children through their time in Holy Redeemer School. Escort them through any rough times in the years to come. Assist them in all their subjects: R.E, maths, literacy, topic, science, music, P.E, art and French. Help them to grow in faith and help them to believe in themselves. Give them joy and happiness during this school year. Hold their hands and help them grow in love and happiness.
From Niall and Frederick  
Your Journey through Holy Redeemer
All of our teachers are kind and caring and will always help you. They teach you well and you get to go on amazing trips. Music plays a big part in our school. We have a brilliant music teacher Mr Lister. Holy Redeemer has lots of instruments and we have band and choir. Throughout our time in Holy Redeemer we have competed in lots of sports events. Golf, hockey, netball, tag rugby and swimming. Our best sports teacher, Mrs Annis helps us with our sports. R.E. is very important in our school as we are a Catholic school. We regularly go to church. Art is one of the strengths in our school as we have an incredible art teacher- Mrs Breakwell.  
By Lara Marie Gembarska  


In Holy Redeemer,

We love to have fun

We learn different subjects

And the Holy Spirit will come.

In maths,

We go through struggles during tests,

But because we know our times tables,

We will always strive to do our best.

In literacy,

We learn to write and read,

We do descriptive stories,

And get help with the things we need.

In science,

We fly to the moon and back,

We learn about the planets,

And scientific codes we crack.

In sport,

Mrs Annis helps us to get fit,

But even though we’re healthy,

We must do our bit.

In history,

We learn about the past,

Victorians and Tudors,

We know them up to the very last.

In art

We have the best teacher ever

We do painting and sketching:

We wish we could keep her forever.

In eco

We see God’s creation flow

We love the pond

And we help the plants grow.

In music

We love to harmonise and sing all day

With Mr Lister

From June to May.

RE is the most important of all

We need to follow God’s plan.

We hope that Reception will listen to you

And be the best they can.

So now you understand

Why Holy Redeemer is the best school

We’re glad you’re part of our community

And we’re looking forward to getting to know you all.

by Ella Townend and Charlotte Marchant.

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