Welcome Assembly 2017

On Friday morning 29th September our Year 6 prefects led a welcome assembly for our new reception class pupils and their parents. The prefects had written reflections and created posters to describe their journey through Holy Redeemer School. Reception class introduced themselves to the school community and shared the work they have been doing in RE lessons about people who love and care for them. Deacon Pat came to the assembly and presented each pupil with a welcome certificate. We sang our school song and prayed that God would bless our new pupils and parents as they join our school community.
















Holy Redeemer is a school where you share your faith,

Everyone is important even if you’re big or you’re small,

This school will let you blossom through the years,

God will guide you on your seven year journey.


In Holy Redeemer you will learn about God,

Who will be looking out for you.

All the teachers are very lucky to have you,

And I wish you many happy school years in our wonderful community.




Dear New Beginners,


Here at this school you will grow in faith and joy.

All of the prefects will help you along the way and your teachers especially.

We have loved it here and so will you!

The teachers will help you grow in knowledge from your ABC and your 2×2.


Forest school you’ll love.

With Mrs Andrews you’ll learn about animals and build bug homes.

The climbing area is really fun to climb on and play with your friends.


Your trips you will most definitely adore – the Pioneer centre and Alton castle.


We hope you settle well! Your life here will be amazing. 




Our school  

Holy Redeemer is a brilliant school, it helps you grow closer to Jesus. You will love this school from the start, it will always stay in your heart. In this school we share our faith and we love to learn about God.    


You will learn lots of subjects:


Maths, literacy, music, art, PE, science, topic, and of course RE.


In Reception you will have many experiences with Mrs Barker and Mrs Andrews. You will really enjoy forest school where you play and have fun in the woods.


Enjoy your first year at Holy Redeemer. Have fun with Mrs Barker and we hope you make lots of new friends.

By Toby and Jack



Holy Redeemer school is the best

You will stand out from the rest

You will have lots of fun

But remember everybody is N0.1


Maths, English, R.E

Topic, Art, P.E

If you work hard you will earn an reward

And the rest will applaud


In tests you will get high marks

And in shows you will get main parts

You with love this school from top to bottom

And your experience here will never be forgotten


By Leah and Ruth



Holy Redeemer


You’ll be smarter,                             You’ll blossom,

You’ll be happy,                               You’ll twirl,

 You’ll make friends,                        You’ll sing,

You’ll be zappy,                                And grow,


You’ll go on trips,                              You’ll stretch,

You’ll learn new things,                    You’ll jump,

You’ll be great full,                             From mat to mat,

Throughout these seven years,       Like a lightning bolt,


You’ll write,                                       So we hope you’ll enjoy

You’ll draw,                                        Your years at Holy Redeemer,

You’ll learn about God,                    But just remember,

More and more,                                God is always near!   


Pearwa and Maya









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Class 6 made Welcome Posters for the new children.

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