Welcome Assembly 2016


Welcome to Holy Redeemer we hope you like our school,

We’ll help you grow in faith and love; we hope you think it’s cool.

Art with Mrs Breakwell- we think she is the best,

Because her amazing artwork outshines all the rest.


Music with Mr Lister -he teaches us to sing,

He is so amazing he can play everything.

P.E. with Mrs Annis she helps us to keep fit,

She doesn’t give up until she taught every bit.

Mrs Hall is the best,

She will welcome you as a beloved guest.



Dear God,

Please help the Reception pupils grow in faith, peace and love, as they journey through this holy school with you at their side guiding them on the right path



Welcome Reception

Welcome Reception, to our amazing school,

We have lots of fun but just one rule,

Reach for the stars and try your best,

In every lesson and all the rest.


Mrs Annis makes all sports fun,

And on sports day its “Get, Set, Run!”

We do: football, hockey and other things,

Just carry on going and spread your wings.


Music is an important part of Holy Redeemer school,

Everyone loves music it’s really cool,

Piano, singing and even more,

Mr Lister never makes it a bore.


Mrs Breakwell does amazing art,

And we always try to play our part,

Your journey is only just beginning,

As long as you try you’ll always be winning.



Here are some of the poems and prayers written by Class 6 for this year’s Reception class:


  Welcome To Our School

Seven years in this school,

You’ll love it from the start,

And every pupil in this school,

Will welcome you from the heart.


In Numeracy you learn,

To count from one to ten,

In Literacy you’re taught how,

                                                                       To write with a pencil and pen.                                                                      


Mrs Annis is awesome,

When teaching you P.E,

We achieve lots of goals,

   So be the best you can be.


Mrs Breakwell will teach you,

To sketch and paint and draw,

One lesson with her,

And you will love art even more.


Mr Lister will take you on a journey,

To help you find a passion for music,

You learn many different instruments,

He’ll make you want to choose it.


In Science you do experiments,

About the world around,

You learn about plants and animals,

Electricity, Magnets, sound.


You’ll go on lots of trips,

Sometimes they’re overnight,

All these fun trips will help make you smart,

And very, very bright. 


R.E is a great part of our school,

Where God helps us to keep strong,

And he fills us with love and the wonder of life,

He helps us stay where we belong.


We hope you blossom throughout this school,

And be like us one day,

God guides you and holds you in his hands,

So we wish you luck in every way.

Reach for the stars and be who you are as you enjoy this wonderful school, and enjoy being with Mrs Barker and all your teachers in the future!



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