Visit to the Care Farm at Wick

Reception Class and the Rising 5s from pre-school, finished their mini topic on Baa Baa Black Sheep by visiting the Care Farm at Wick to find out about farming. We had a great time meeting all the animals on the farm. We started by feeding and collecting the eggs from the hens. We were also lucky enough to stroke one! Her feathers were very soft. We also met the geese and ducks and the noisy cockerel! Next we went to meet the sheep. They were black and white and were a breed called Jacob sheep. We watched them while they ate their breakfast and we stroked their fluffy fleeces. Finally we went to meet the pigs. They were very noisy until we fed them! They were called Vera and Lynn. We stroked the pigs – they were very hairy! They enjoyed the apples we threw them to eat. 

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