Treasure Island

KS2 pupils from Holy Redeemer will be putting on Stephen Kingsbury’s musical play Treasure Island at No.8 at 7pm on 14 & 15 July 2015. Based on the well-known book by Robert Louis Stevenson, the pupils will transport you to the deck of the Hispaniola and then on to Skull Island.
This light-hearted take on the story finds the bumbling Squire Trelawny, captain of the ship’s motley crew, and a mean Long John Silver who takes no prisoners, Ben Gunn (who seems to be very similar to Noel Coward), some fierce buccaneers who are not quite what they seem and, of course, young Jim Hawkins who saves the day. Who says girls can’t be ferocious pirates? It will be a miracle if the treasure is ever found!
This salt-encrusted show, directed by Oliver Lister, is full of wonderful songs and humour.

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