Transport Week 2 in Pre-school

This week our transport theme led us to explore trains and hot air balloons. We investigated friction with the use of ramps and different materials, we found the train travelled at different speeds and travelled the slowest on the ramp that was covered in string.  We also participated in an investigation of how we could make the train or cars travel across the table, we enjoyed using the balloon pump and straws! 
We created trains by using shapes and paint and then used our shape knowledge to describe shapes we could see on the shape train. 
Some fantastic train tracks were constructed with the use of great imaginations. The story, ‘The Train Ride’ was thoroughly enjoyed by all and also acted out with the use of puppets together. 
We practiced our large motor movements by painting tires outside,  making large movements with our arms and hands. This half term we are also practicing the skill of doing our own buttons and zips up, some of us have already achieved this! We are all super stars.
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