Three Little Pigs Week: Reception Class

Last week Sid the Squirrel delivered a present for Reception Class. It was two versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have enjoyed listening to both versions and have been discussing the similarities and differences between them.

In both stories the pigs built houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. In pairs, we were given a toy pig and the same challenge – to build a house to keep the pig safe from the huffing and puffing of a big bad wolf (a squeezy bottle or Mrs Taylor!) We talked about what a house needs: a roof, walls and an opening to get in and out; toilets and carpets are just an added luxury! We had to be Collaborative Cats and Persevering Parrots to be successful. We also had fun making some structures for our pigs using marshmallows and straws.

This linked very well with our Maths work on 3D shapes. We have been exploring a range of 3D shapes, making models, hunting for them around the classroom, sorting, describing and naming them, finding out which roll and slide. We are very proud of the 3D shapes we made using the new construction kit. 

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