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 The Romans

Summer Term 2019
During the Summer Term, Year Three have begun their topic on the ROMANS.  Following a request from Lucius Maximus (a Roman soldier coming to Britain), Year Three made models of a HYPOCAUST (Roman underfloor heating).  Take a look at them here:

They then went on to research about Roman baths and toilets. They read and listened to information and created their own posters and booklets about these.

Lucius Maximus was so impressed with Year Three’s models of a hypocaust that he wrote to them again, asking if they could design some mosaic flooring for his villa. Take a look at them here putting on the borders and pictures:

And here are a few of the finished mosaics:

On Friday 10th May, we had a great time visiting Chedworth Roman Villa. Take a look at some of the things we got up to here:
The chief slave made sure we were all working hard making medicine bags!

We were treated like VIPs and were honoured to be invited into the main part of the villa:

We were shown the water shrine, furnace and hypocaust.

We saw different rooms in the bath house and looked at some of the wonderful mosaics in the dining room.

Our favourite part was when we got to see the sponge on a stick (Roman toilet paper) when we visited the latrina (toilet)

Finally, we sorted artefacts that have been found at Chedworth by archaeologists…….

….and took a look at some different types of Roman pots.

We had a fantastic day and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
This week we have been designing and creating Roman shields. Take a look at us in action and some of the finished articles:

We rounded off our topic on The Romans by holding an exhibition for children, teachers, parents and families. Take a look at some pictures from the afternoon below:

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