The Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly: Pre-school

One of our new books this term is ‘There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly’.  The children enjoyed thinking about all the different animals and liked the rhyme in the story.  We used this in our phonics to see if we could make up other things the old lady could swallow.  The children enjoyed ordering pictures of the different characters and used them to compare size.  We used pegs to count and make spiders’ legs (some of the older children talked about number bonds and described how they had used the pegs). 

The older children are enjoying using their name cards to practise writing their name.  They extended this by using pencil control sheets to do some rainbow writing, where they used lots of different colours over their writing to give a multi-coloured rainbow effect.

In forest school the children learned how to tie knots, and even made swings with their logs.  Finally, as the weather was lovely, we went on an animal hunt in Abbey Park.  We thought about where we might see the different animals from the story.  We saw lots of dogs, and even managed to find a fly and a spider!

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