Anglo Saxons

Most Anglo Saxons were farmers. Some Anglo Saxon farmers were also warriors ( Farmer warriors )FeedSax Home


Anglo-Saxon Farms and Farming - Medieval HistoriesAnglo Saxons used a plough called an ard (scratch plough)


The Anglo Saxons owned Kent, East Anglia, Sussex, Wessex, Mercia and Northumbria.


Many people ate fish and drank beer (the children drank weak beer) 


The first king of Wessex was Cerdic and he ruled from 519 to 534.


Unlike the Franks and the Goths, the Anglo Saxons did not normally fight on horseback.

Important people wore chain mail in battle, which protected them from swords and axes. It was very expensive so most warriors wore leather. They carried spears, axes, swords, and bows and arrows. They wore helmets and carried shields that were usually made of wood. The most common Anglo-Saxon weapon was a spear, the most feared weapon was a battle-axe, and the most precious was a sword.