Smelly Week at Hopscotch!

This week Hopscotch continued learning about senses using their noses and discovering all things smelly.  We used the book ‘Peter Follows his Nose’, where Peter Rabbit sets off on an adventure and encounters lots of delicious smells along the way.  We recreated the story using the foods Peter encounters, and identified the smells in the order they were discovered.  Throughout the week we investigated our smelly world around us.  We went on a smell hunt in the Eco garden and used different herbs and flowers to make potions.  Even our mark-making had us drawing with smelly pens and painting Autumn pictures with spices.  We made smelly socks by stuffing the herbs inside, then trying to see if we could match them by smell.

We thought about the signs of autumn, and strengthened our fingers by winding elastic bands around fir cones and picking the seeds from a sunflower head. 

Concept Cat taught us how to compare using the word bigger.  We then had a shape hunt, and matched the shapes, saying which were the same shape but bigger and ‘not’ bigger.  We are getting better at naming our shapes and using mathematical language to describe them.  Our younger children identified all things yellow this week. 

What a busy week!

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