Shakespeare Evening

To Be or Not to Be

‘All the world’s a stage……!’ This was certainly true on the evenings of Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July. All the pupils in Key Stage 2 performed in the end of year production ‘To be or not to be’ – a commemoration of 400 years of Shakespeare. Through singing, dancing and acting the pupils told us the story of William Shakespeare’s life, from his time as a boy at the Stratford Grammar school to his death in 1616. We were guided by eloquent narrators who enabled the audience to plot key moments in Shakespeare’s life. In addition, the Year 5 & 6 pupils performed excerpts from plays (including A Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer night’s Dream, Macbeth and Hamlet), Year 3 performed a short dance from the Romeo and Juliet ballet by Prokofiev, Year 5 fairies sang and danced their way through Country Gardens and the whole company enthusiastically rendered a number of contemporary songs about the bard. Towards the end of the evening we were reminded how important Shakespeare’s sonnets have been to the world of poetry and the choir gave a performance of Glorious. For all aspects of the show the pupils were inspirational and should be congratulated on their professionalism and artistic skills.
Well done to our own Shakespearean theatre group! Is this the formation of the Holy Redeemer Shakespeare Company (HRSC) ?


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