Remembrance Week at Pre-school

Hopscotch learned about Remembrance Day through our activities over the week.  We noticed people wearing red flowers and wondered why.  The children watched an information clip that explained what poppies meant to those that wore them, and why we have a two minute silence on the 11th day of November.  Our younger children used the red flower to match with other red objects.

In maths we recognised and read numbers, then ordered them, making our own poppy numberline.  Throughout the week they practised their counting skills by matching the numbers with the correct number of red and black counters.  We continued to write numbers, being careful with our number formation.  Phonics was noisy this week, as we learned to shape our mouths to make different sounds.  We had to listen carefully to make the correct sound, and guess what each other was doing…it was a lot of fun!  We were very creative with red and black collage, and painted our own poppies, to make a whole class wreath.  On Thursday the children walked to the War Horse memorial to place our wreath by the soldier. 

Hopscotch also learned that Thursday was also St Martin’s Day, celebrating how kind the saint was.  We knew that one of our children celebrated this with her family in their home country, so we all made lanterns to go on our St Martin’s lantern walk.


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