Reception Round-up: What the Ladybird Heard…

Last week Reception Class were on a mission to catch Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, from the book ‘What the ladybird heard’. They created WANTED posters and displayed them all around school in the hope someone else might have caught a glimpse of the two robbers!

In Forest School they found some clues to where the two might be, including one of their hats, boots and a jumper. The next day the children wrote some instructions on how they thought they might be able to catch Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len, including digging holes and setting traps!

In Maths the class have been learning about sharing objects out equally. In Art they continued to learn about sculpture and took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy, to create their own sculptures using boxes, glass beads, pebbles and wooden blocks (to name but a few). In Science the children worked in groups to study different areas of the school site to find minibeasts. They used hoops to narrow down the area they were observing (quadrating) and recorded what they found, then compared the results with the other mini habitats, seeking for any patterns. They did find some patterns, with lots of woodlice being found in the dark damp places and flies and bees nearer any flowers.  Well done Reception Class!

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