Reception Round-up: Teddy Bear Week

Last week in Reception Class Henrietta delivered the story ‘This is the Bear and the Scary Night’, and Bertie the Bee left the rhyme ‘Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around’ for the children to enjoy. This led to lots of teddy bear themed learning!

On the Creation Station the class were busy making teddy bears, colour mixing to paint pictures of teddies and using play dough to create their own bears.

In Maths Reception have been comparing size and length. They investigated a range of scarves to fit daddy, mummy and baby bear, using the vocabulary, long, short, longer, shorter, longest and shortest.

In Geography, the children looked carefully at the park in the story and then visited Abbey Park to compare it with the one in the story. Both parks had lots of similar features, including lamp posts, grass and benches. The children discovered that there is a small body of water at Abbey Park, however it looks different to the pond in the story. Afterwards, much to the children’s delight, there was some time to enjoy playing on the playground equipment.

What a great week!

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