Reception Round-up: Handa’s Surprise

Last week Henrietta delivered the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’, written by Eileen Brown. The class started the week by tasting the seven delicious fruits from the story and describing them, using a range of adjectives, including some new words to develop their vocabulary.

In Maths, the children were learning about number patterns within the numbers 11-20. They played relay races in which they had to work in teams to collect numbers, then make a number line, matching Numicon pictures to the correct numbers. The class have also been exploring how many is 100? They done this by taking 100 steps, counting to 100, making collections of 100 objects and also learned to make groups of 10 objects to help them count more efficiently.

In science last week Reception spent some time investigating how things travel through air. They tested a range of objects and observed which ones fell to the floor first and which stayed in the air for a little longer. They discovered that the balloon, a piece of paper and thin fabric stayed in the air longer than the toy animal or rubber brick. 

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