Reception Forest School: Story Mountains

Last week, in class, Reception learnt about story mountains and used them to help them plan stories that they wrote later in the week. At Forest School they used this new learning to plan, rehearse and verbally retell stories.

Mrs Andrews split the class into five groups and each child in each group took on the responsibility for designing a part of the story (beginning, characters, setting, problem and resolution). The children were able to borrow, or make props if they needed them, then worked together to make up a story, which they then retold to the rest of the class at their Base Camp auditorium. 

The children came up with some great stories, such as The Fox who Couldn’t get into Forest School, Harley and the Fluffy Dog, and Goldilocks and Tommy Get Lost in the Woods. While they were retelling their stories a robin came and sat in the tree to listen too. This inspired some of the children to find the RSPB robins in the treasure basket, and listen to robin bird calls.

Afterwards the children got on with some of their own learning, including digging, mud painting, exploring and even making a boat out of ropes!

Great work Mrs Andrews and Reception Class!

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