“Give me the joys of summer…

   Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr. 

After our trip to Birdland last week, we have carried on the theme of birds by visiting Pershore library to find fiction and non-fiction books about birds. We found a lot of wonderful books and enjoyed reading them on our own, with a friend or with a grown-up.  

In our Understanding of the World session, we learned about minibeasts and then went on a hunt around our school grounds to find some. We looked for clues to help us find where they might be hiding. We found cobwebs, silvery trails and holes in the leaves! We carefully collected some minibeasts and brought them back to class to look at them in closer detail. This week saw our last Story Time with parents. Again we enjoyed lots of different books with the grown ups. 

This week saw our final Get Fit, Stay Healthy Club with Reception and Year 1 children enjoying a mini circuit training outdoors, organised by our 3 Year 3 helpers. We started our session as always, with our 4 minute run and then practised our ball skills, jumping techniques and hula hooping skills. We finished our final session with the most popular healthy snack options and instead of chocolate, sweets or crisps we enjoyed scotch pancakes and some rice cakes. Well done to everyone who has attended the club and stayed fit and healthy! 

As part of our topic on ‘Amazing Animals’, we visited Birdland in Bourton on the Water. We saw lots of different birds, tortoises and some extinct animals – dinosaurs! We also spent some time on the play equipment and in the ‘dino dig’ area where we enjoyed playing together. Thank you to all the staff who came along to make the trip possible. 
Week beginning 13th June 
This week, Reception Class have been visited by a number of animals. The eggs had finally hatched and we had 5 very small and fluffy chicks to look after for the day.



We also had Felicity the Fox who left a letter for us. She had heard from her friend (Henrietta the Hedgehog) that we were learning about ladybirds, however she was unsure what they were so we wrote and told her all about them.

In Maths we have been learning about doubles.

We made buildings to keep the prize cow safe from the thieves (Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh) and in RE we made models of churches.
Week beginning 6th June
Amazing Animals topic
This week Henrietta delivered the book ‘What the ladybird heard’ by Julia Donaldson. This has led us to research, investigate and explore ladybirds, using the internet, non-fiction books, fiction books, finding and collecting some real ladybirds from our bug hunting area to observe and making pretend ladybirds on the creation station.





In phonics we have been practising spotting the digraphs and reading words with adjacent consonants and re-reading our books from guided reading.





We worked in pairs to create our own maps of a farmyard based on our book and we spent Tuesday afternoon on a ‘Plant Hunt’ in our school grounds, matching a picture to the plant and learning lots of new plant names. We then enjoyed drawing some of the beautiful flowers which are growing in the playground.





In Art we started a new topic on printing. We explored the patterns and prints we could make in damp sand and clay and then went onto printing with different parts of our hand and a range of hard and soft materials. 
At Forest School we enjoyed using the swing, digging and finding lots of woodlice! We continued our plant hunt within Forest School, matching a given leaf with a tree or bush – we had to use our observational skills to look carefully at the different shapes, sizes and colours of leaves until we found the correct match. 

Forest School: Log Swings

At Forest School this week the children enjoyed playing on the swing they made last week. They investigated the impact of making the rope longer and shorter and were delighted to find that the shorter the rope, the higher they swung.

The children also went on a minibeast hunt to explore the bio-diversity of the site, as well their usual free choice activities of digging, climbing, mud painting and den building.



Week beginning the 16th May

‘Amazing Animals’ Topic continued…

At the weekend we were set a challenge to collect exactly 100 objects. During our Maths lesson we used the ten frames to check our counting and realised it is a lot quicker and more accurate if you group of objects. To be able to do this we have also been learning to count in 10s.  At Forest School we continued to find and count 100 objects, including daisies and leaves. We are getting very good at counting to 100! In our other Maths lessons we have been developing our spatial reasoning by making shapes on the geoboards, creating pictures using the tangrams and completing jigsaws.  
Henerietta left us the book called ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and we have been skilfully making the fruit using the different coloured playdoughs. In our Understanding of the World lesson we used Google maps and photographs to find out what the human and physical features are in Kenya. We worked in pairs to record our findings and painted pictures for our display to compare and contrast Handa’s village in Kenya and Pershore.









This week, Henrietta delivered the story of ‘Farmer Duck’ and a poem called ‘The Big Red Barn’. We use the watercolours to paint pictures of our favourite parts of the story, made farm animals on the creation station and in Music we created our own pieces of music to represent different animals. In Maths we have been ‘building numbers beyond 10’ and have becoming more familiar with the 100 number square.


In our Understanding of the World lesson we used google maps and OS maps to find out more about Pershore and where we live. We talked about the human and physical features found in Pershore, painted pictures of some and sorted them into the two groups in teams. In PSE we have been talking about what makes a good friend. We created a recipe with lots of ingredients which make a good friend, such as sharing, caring, smiling and being patient. We also talked about some ingredients which we need to leave out, such as being hurtful and unkind.



Our Trip to Wick Care Farm

As part of Reception Classes topic about ‘Amazing Animals’, on Thursday, they visited Wick Care Farm to find out more about farm animals. We had a fantastic morning,  getting up close to a range of animals, including ducklings, geese, hens, sheep and pigs. We fed the ducklings, held and fed the chickens, collected eggs, brushed the pigs and even had time to look for some bugs in the beautiful wild flowers. Thank you very much to Mrs Mardle and Mrs Meikle for showing us around the farm and for the staff from school who came with us. 



Week beginning the 3rd May 

As part of our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic the children helped Mrs Taylor to turn the role play area into a vets. We thoroughly enjoyed using all the new equipment and trying on the Vet coats! We are looking forward to treating lots of patients in the next few weeks! 
In Art, we have continued to explore different ways of changing fabric. We used food colouring to dye the white fabric. We dipped the corners in different colours and then used paintbrushes to paint a pattern or picture using the food colouring as well. We also explored different ways of joining fabric together. We used glue, paste, staples, sellotape and masking tape. 
In phonics, we are working on blending and segmenting words containing four phonemes. We have been finding pictures around the room and writing a list of what we found, setting trails for our friends to read phase 4 words and playing lots of games, such as ‘roll and read’ and ‘snakes and ladders’ to practise our reading. 
In Maths we have been building numbers from 11-20, recognising how many full tens and ones you need to make the number. 
We finished off the week with Story Club. We put on our pyjamas and onesies, snuggled down with our teddies and enjoyed five stories with Mrs Barker. We enjoyed milkshake, popcorn and biscuits while we listened to the stories we had voted for. 
After a long winter hibernating, it was lovely to see Henrietta again and even more exciting to read the two books she left for us. She sent us a fiction and a non-fiction book about animals.







Our new topic this term is ‘Amazing Animals’ and we kick started the week off by reading part of the book ‘Who’s in the Shed?’ by Brenda Parkes and then used our research and detective skills to try and work out which animal it might be hiding in the shed. We explored a wide range of non-fiction books, the internet and photographs of animals to help us and to work out which animals it could be and which it couldn’t be. The animal in the story made roaring and growling sounds, with brown fur or feathers, so we decided it couldn’t be a mouse or a crocodile! Our detective work led us to a brown bear… and we were right! 
On Monday afternoon we went around our school grounds looking for signs of spring. We took photographs of what we saw, including bluebells, lots of leaf and flower buds, tadpoles and much more. 
In Maths we have been exploring ways to make ten. We have been using part-whole models to help us with our learning and at Forest School we made patterns using a range of natural resources. 
In Art we have been exploring different ways of changing fabric. We pulled threads out of hessian to create fringes, we used thread to sew, fabric pens and crayons to change and add to patterned and plain fabric, we made holes and cut the fabric and then put them together to create our own individual fabric books.