The days of spring are here. Warm, sunny days are near. Birds in trees, flowers and bees…the days of spring are here.


During the last week of half term we enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year celebration. 

After discovering Sid the Squirrel’s delivery of the book ‘Winnie and Wilbur’s Chinese New Year’ and a non-fiction book about this celebration, we dressed up in some Chinese clothes, recreated the Great Wall of China in our construction area and we were fascinated by Chinese writing. We explored the letters of the alphabet and attempted to write our names and some numbers in Chinese. In the finger gym we carefully threaded beads onto a pipecleaner to make dragon’s fire. On the investigation station we explored rice and on the creation station we made our own Chinese dragons. To finish off the week, we held our own Chinese New Year celebrations, including watching some dragon dancing, making our own class dragon dance and trying some chinese food. Some of us also enjoyed using chopsticks to eat noodles and spring rolls. Happy Chinese New Year – the year of the dragon! 

In our Understanding of the World lesson, we continued learning about materials. This week we identified and classified a selection of rubbish into different groups according to what they were made of, ready for recycling. 

Reception Class were very excited to find a letter from the Little Red Hen asking them for help. Of course we were ready to help! We followed some very floury footsteps to the school oven where we discovered 2 loaves of bread, made by the Little Red Hen and a big book of the story. We worked together to lay the tables and butter the white and brown bread and enjoyed tasting the bread she had made. We had a vote to find out which bread we preferred. The white bread was the most popular. Over the past two weeks we have continued to base much of our learning around this traditional story, including acting out the story using puppets, creating a story map as a class, we made and ate our own bread rolls and began to look at homes from the past, in particular kitchens and how people used to cook food. In art, we are continuing to explore painting and experimented with making thick and thin paint. We also explored painting with feathers and forks to create pictures of the Little Red Hen.  

In Maths we have been learning about 4 sided shapes. We have been sorting, making and naming squares and rectangles. We have then moved onto deepening our understanding of the numbers up to 5 and have been sorting different representations of these numbers using our subitising skills.