Reception Class Round-up

The children were set a home learning challenge to collect exactly 100 objects. During our Maths lesson we used the ten frames to check our counting and realised it is a lot quicker and more accurate if you group objects. To be able to do this we have also been learning to count in 10s. 
At Forest School we continued to find and count 100 objects, including daisies and leaves. We are getting very good at counting to 100! In our other Maths lessons we have also been developing our spatial reasoning by making shapes on the geoboards, creating pictures using the tangrams and completing jigsaws.  
Henrietta left us the book called ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and we have been skilfully making the fruit using the different coloured play dough.
In our Understanding of the World lesson we used Google Maps and photographs to find out what the human and physical features are in Kenya. We worked in pairs to record our findings and painted pictures for our display to compare and contrast Handa’s village in Kenya, with Pershore. 
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