Reception Class Round-up: Snail and the Whale Week

This week Reception Class worked in groups to create their own story maps of the story of The Snail and the Whale, by Julia Donaldson. They used their creativity to change both the problem and the resolution. Some of their new stories included jellyfish and seaweed causing the problems, and submarines and scuba divers saving the day!

In Maths the class have been looking at selecting, manipulating and rotating shapes to make pictures.

As part of their expressive arts and design, and physical development (fine and gross motor skills) this week, the children prepared and rolled out clay, before cutting out and decorating leaf shapes. The clay was hard to form and roll (great for motor skills development), as was the mark making elements, scraping away clay to form patterns. The children’s leaves will be brought together to form a collaborative art piece, inspired by Henri Rousseau’s, ‘Surprise’; the subject of this year’s Take One Picture project. Once complete it will form part of our School Exhibition. Fantastic work Everyone.

On Friday the class travelled to Badsey First School to take part in a Music Festival, where they enjoyed singing the songs they had been learning with Mr Johnson, with lots of other children from different schools. The children were able to dress up as animals which made it even more exciting. They joined with other local school, sang songs, played instruments and moved to the music. They all had a lot of fun! 


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