Reception Class Round-up: Kipper’s Birthday

Last week Reception Class started their new topic of ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ with a focus on birthdays. Henerietta delivered ‘Kipper’s Birthday’, by Mick Inkpen and a non-fiction book about birthdays from around the world.

The children had a busy week preparing for Kipper’s birthday, including making party hats on the creation station, writing and making cards and making play dough cakes on the modelling table. They also enjoyed recreating birthday parties in the role play area and colour mixing (to paint pictures of Kipper).

In the story, Kipper goes to sleep on his table, so the children made their own tables for him, using a range of construction materials.

In the Finger Gym the class had to peg up mini cards and carefully place the marbles (flames) on the golf tee candles!

In Maths, Reception Class have been finding out about 1 more than a given number.

To end the week, they made a real cake for Kipper’s party and then enjoyed playing some party games and eating the cake – it was delicious!  

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