Reception Class Round-up: Forces Week

Last week, in their science lessons, Reception Class  continued to learn about forces. They shared their homework challenge with each other; which was to fill a container with liquid and explore what happened when they added a marble and turned the container upside down. The children were fascinated by how the different liquids changed the speed the marble travelled down the container. Lots of marbles took just 1 second, however William’s (which was filled with golden syrup) took 29 seconds! We were all amazed.

After this the children were set the challenge of working in groups to create a marble run. They were given lolly sticks, plasticine, a marble, a ramp, and time to experiment – working together to adapt and make changes. Everyone had to be Persevering Parrots and Collaborative Cats and they managed to create some very successful marble runs. Well done everyone!

In RE the class have been learning about Pentecost and to help them remember the story, and begin to imagine what it was like for the disciples, they re-enacted it, with pretend flames and wind. The children liked acting out the part where the disciples were talking in different languages! All this has really helped them to remember the important parts of the story and to consider the thoughts and feelings of the disciples.

In Maths last week they were focussing on the numbers 11- 20 and looking at how the numbers are made up of one ten and a number of ones. 


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