Reception Class Round-up

In Reception Class last week, the children based a lot of their learning around the nursery rhyme ‘Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary’, with a focus on gardens and plants.

On Monday, Henrietta left the class a note, telling the children to follow a trail of numbered flowers, which led them to the school eco garden. Here they found the books ‘Titch’, by Pat Hutchins, and a non-fiction book about edible plants.

The children were very busy throughout the week, making flowers on the Creation Station and the modelling table. In Art, they used all the skills and techniques they learned about sketching to make some observational drawings of flowers from our school garden.

In Maths, the children were comparing capacity and enjoyed using the water and soil to explore a range of containers to find out which held the least and which held the most.

In RE Reception thought about people who care for them, and visited the church to take part in a wedding role play. Thank you to Christine, from the Parish, who led the ceremony and explained the ceremony and the symbolism involved. Afterwards, the bride and groom enjoyed a short trip back to school in the wedding car, while the guests showered the happy couple with confetti. Finally, the wedding party and guests all enjoyed a dance at the wedding reception. What a wonderful learning experience!


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