Reception Class Round-up:

Last week Henrietta delivered the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’, by Helen Cooper, along with a recipe for pumpkin soup! The children enjoyed using pumpkin seeds to make the tricky words they have learnt,  and also used them for counting and to help act out the story of pumpkin soup.

Another thing the children had great fun with last week, was exploring mixing red and yellow to make orange, to paint pumpkins. They were also busy hammering golf tees into pumpkins, which was great for developing their motor skills. 

The class were very excited when they started a science investigation, to see what happens to pumpkin over time. They cut a pumpkin up and have put a piece in salt, a piece in lemon juice, one in water and left one out in the air to see what happens… They are keeping a close eye on the pumpkin so that they can monitor any changes.

In Maths the class were finding out about circles and triangles and made pictures using both shapes, as well as exploring printing with 3D shapes to create circle and triangle prints.

The learning that the children enjoyed the most last week, however, was being chefs! They worked together to prepare, and then eat, their very own pumpkin soup, following the recipe that Henrietta bought. Most of us found it delicious!

In Science the class started their topic on light. They worked in groups to sort pictures into things that give us light and things that don’t.  What a very busy week!

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