“Let the little children come to me…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19: 14



 After listening to the story of Pentecost, we have retold the story in the small world tray, made our own Pentecost hats, enjoyed reading stories in the Bible and have made faces to show how the disciples may have felt before and after the Holy Spirit came. We decorated the word Pentecost and have practised reading sentences and scripture readings about this special time. We have also recreated our own pictures of Pentecost using oil pastels. 

St Peter – our class saint 

We have been learning all about our class saint – St Peter. We started by working in groups to complete jigsaws of St Peter and then we went on a treasure hunt around our classroom to find clues about our class saint. Once we had found the clues we worked in pairs to read what we had found. To help us remember all about St Peter, we made fishing boats and nets, we decorated rocks, read and wrote sentences about him, made bookmarks to take home and did some key rubbings.


 In RE we are continuing to learn about Easter. We visited the church to find and draw the Easter Candle. We looked closely at the different features and asked questions about the symbols and pictures you find on the candle. These pictures then became part of our class assembly. 

After listening to the story of Jesus’s ascension into heaven, we responded by representing our thoughts, feelings and ideas through music, dance with streamers, D&T and art using oil pastels.

People Who Help Us

We went on a treasure hunt in church to find out about this building as a special place. We found and identified some artefacts in the church and about the work of the priest. Back in class we explored the work of Father Amal, our Parish priest, sorting a range of pictures and artefacts about what he has to do and we talked about which part of his job we would like to do and why.  We role played some parts of the job of a priest, including saying prayers, visiting the sick and saying Mass.



We made angels to remind of when Mary said yes to the angel. 

We used puppets to act out the Christmas story. 

We worked in pairs to sequence pictures to retell the Christmas story. We read simple sentences and matched them to the correct picture and then added our own speech bubbles and thought bubbles for some of the characters. 

We made our own Advent wreaths 

Advent Retreat Day 

 On Tuesday we experienced our first retreat day with Dan and Emily with a focus on Advent and how we can shine our light for Jesus. We worked together to make a giant star which became part of the whole school liturgy and thought about what we can do during this time of waiting and preparing for Jesus’ birthday. 

In RE we have been learning more about the season of Advent, with a focus on prayer. We worked in groups to create our own prayer chains which then  joined together and were read out during our liturgy at the end of the RE lesson.

We have been learning about people who care for us. We learned about when two people love each other and get married. They get married in a church and ask God our Father to look after them.