“Let the little children come to me…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19: 14

Easter illustrated by Reception Class. 

We worked in groups of 3 to paint different scenes from the Easter Story. 

Holy Week 

We have been re-enacting Palm Sunday. We waved palm leaves, placed our cloaks on the floor for the donkey and Jesus to walk on and shouted Hosanna. We took part in some ‘freeze framing’ to describe how we were feeling and why. We were all very excited and happy to see The Son of God. 



We started the topic of Lent by discovering a bag with lots of clues to the season we were entering into in the church. 

We then carried out three different activities to help us develop a better understanding of this time of year. We made our own holding crosses using twigs and purple wool – we have been using these during our prayer sessions.

We created a prayer chain. Each child wrote who they would like to pray for on a chain link and then every day during Lent we undo one link from our chain and say a prayer for this person.

Finally, we made our own mini Lent boxes which we took home to remind us of Lent and to share with our families. 

People Who Care for Us

The Annual Wedding

We talked about why people get married and how people show love and care for each other.


As we prepare for Christmas, we have made Advent wreaths and written our own prayers. 


What families do you belong to? As a class we have been exploring the different families we belong to. We thought of lots of different ones: from swimming groups to our family in Reception Class, from our larger family of Holy Redeemer to the enormous family of God.  We then talked about where God’s family gather and visited Holy Redeemer Church. We found out about different things which happen at church and some of the jobs which take place in church. We all chose our favourite job and explained why we would like to do that particular job. We have lots of keen ministers and priests! Back at school we were Collaborative Cats and created models of churches using a range of construction kits.  

Our first topic in RE has been Creation and God’s gifts. We spent some time exploring and investigating a wide range of God’s beautiful gifts with our peers. We looked carefully at the creations as God made everyone different and special. We chose our favourite creation and painted pictures for a display. 

We have all taken part in a liturgy to thank God for the most precious gift he gave the world – each and every one of us. We each thanked God for one of our classmates and thanked him for their special gift or talent. We also enjoyed singing the song ‘God made me’ with all the actions.