Reception Class Music Club

Our foundation stage children spent the summer term enjoying an after school music club organised by the PTA and funded by The Elmley Foundation.  The music leader, Sarah Smith, was an enthusiastic and committed music leader who worked hard to give all the children a broad range of musical experiences.  At the first session she introduced the basic musical principles of tempo and volume and taught them some songs and movements where they could practice these concepts.  The following week she began to introduce musical instruments and provided each child with the opportunity to try them all out.  There were hands drums, African drums, gathering drums, bongos, maracas, tambourines, triangles, cow bells, wooden tone blocks and silver bells.  She also used puppets to bring the songs alive and develop musical understanding of rhyming words and rhythm.

At all times the music leader insisted on appropriate discipline in the sessions ensuring children didn’t play instruments when people were talking. The children learnt the music and words for over 25 different songs from around the world.  Particular highlights include the Brontosaurus Stomp, Grandpa’s Farm and Anansi Played with One Drum.
At the end of term they did a performance for parents featuring some of their favourite songs and showing parents their use of a range of instruments. Everyone really enjoyed the music club and showed great level of concentration and control over their instruments.  Several parents have said their children are keen to learn instruments or sing after attending this club so there will be some new recruits for Mr Lister in the future!
Well done everyone who attended. Thank you to the PTA, for organising the grant and for supporting Sarah and the children at the weekly club and the the Elmley Foundation for their generous grant.

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