Reception Class: Humpty Dumpty Week

What a busy first few days Reception Class have had! The children have been settling in very well, getting to know each other, their new classroom and lots of different routines. They have started their topics of ‘Nursery Rhymes’ and ‘All About Me’. To begin with Mrs Barker is using Humpty Dumpty as a starting point for many of their activities.

The children were very excited last week when they met Henrietta the Hedgehog, who loves books. She delivered ‘Green Ham and Eggs’, by Dr Seuss. They also met Bertie the Bee, who loves poetry. He brought them a different version of Humpty Dumpty, that was written by Michael Rosen:

Humpty Dumpty went to the moon
on a supersonic spoon
He took some porridge and a tent
but when he landed
the spoon got bent
Humpty said he didn’t care
and for all I know                                                                                                                                         he’s still up there

The children explored the creation station and made their own supersonic spoons. They have also made walls for Humpty Dumpty in the construction area and the finger gym, and used the play dough to create their own Humpty Dumpty.

It has been lovely to see how much the children have enjoyed exploring their new classroom, including The Reading Garden, The Role Play Area and The Investigation Station. In RE they even had time to explore a wide range of things God has created-including themselves!



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