Reception Class Fortnightly Round-up

Recently Reception Class were very excited to find a letter from the Little Red Hen asking them for help. Of course they were all very excited to be helpful! They followed some very floury footsteps to the School oven, where they discovered two loaves of bread, made by the Little Red Hen, as well as a big book of the story of the Little Red Hen.

The children worked together to lay the tables and butter the white and brown bread, before enjoying tasting the Little Red Hen’s bread. Afterwards the class had a vote to find out which bread they preferred. The white bread was the most popular.

Over the following two weeks Reception continued to base much of their learning around this traditional story, including acting out the story using puppets, creating a story map as a class, making and eating their own bread rolls and beginning to look at homes from the past (in particular kitchens) and how people used to cook food.

In art, the children continued to explore painting and experimented with making thick and thin paint. They also explored painting with feathers and forks to create pictures of the Little Red Hen.

In Maths Reception have been learning about four sided shapes and have been sorting, making and naming squares and rectangles. The children then moved on to deepening their understanding of numbers up to 5 and have been sorting different representations of these numbers using their subitising skills.  

In RE the class have been learning about special celebrations in church and the role of the priest, such as weddings, baptisms and visiting the sick. They have made cards to send to sick people and role played weddings and baptisms.

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