Reception Class: Forest School Rangoli Patterns

In class this week Reception Class have been learning about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. As part of their learning they have been learning about, and having a go at, making Rangoli patterns.

Rangoli patterns are bright, colourful and beautiful designs that are associated with Diwali. They are placed to welcome the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth – to your house and are thought to bring good luck. They originated in India but are produced wherever Hindu people are celebrating.

Rangoli patterns are always made on the floor and are often placed outside a house by the doorstep. During Diwali, Diya lamps might also be placed outside next to the Rangoli patterns.

Rangoli patterns are often designed to be symmetrical. They combine straight lines, curved lines and images like flowers and other things from nature. The symmetry of the designs in a symbol of prosperity, growth and luck. Reception Class took this learning out into their Forest School lesson this afternoon, recreating their own versions of patterns they had looked at in class. As well as drawing some of them, using coloured chalks, they used a variety of natural objects, such as pebbles, stones, leaves and sticks. They were really excited to see what they had achieved. Well done Reception.

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