Reception Class Forest School: Frog Lifecycle

At Forest School this week Reception Class learnt about the lifecycle of frogs. 

The children started the session by visiting the School pond, which is full of frogs and newts at this time of year, visiting the pond to mate and lay their frog/newt spawn. They were amazed to see so many frogs’ heads peering at them above the water! Mrs Andrews helped the children to do some pond dipping so that the children could develop their observation skills by looking at a frog, and some frogspawn, close up. The children were interested to see the black dots in the middle of each egg and to find out that these black dots would grow and hatch out as tadpoles, which in turn would grow and develop into frogs.

After a class discussion about what would be the right habitat for tadpoles to grow and develop into frogs in, the children worked together to set up a tadpole habitat in a container, adding rainwater (from the rain barrels), pond weed, rocks for the froglets to climb onto once they had metamorphosised. 

Afterwards there was time to check in the greenhouses and incubator to see how our early plants were getting on, The children helped to water the young carrots, cucumber and cucamelon plants in the greenhouses, and also the new tomato plants in the incubator. Hopefully we will have some great crops to harvest later in the year. Thank you Reception Class

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