Reception Class Celebrate Diwali

Last week Reception Class continued to learn about Diwali. They made clay divas, and designed their own Rangoli patterns and had a special visit from Mrs Kaur who helped them celebrate Diwali. The children enjoyed wearing bindis, bracelets and headscarves and hearing about how Mrs Kaur celebrates Diwali with her family. They listened to some special music and tried some special Diwali sweets. They continued the celebrations by having their own Diwali party, where they lit their divas and tasted some Indian food. Happy Diwali! 
In Maths the class have been learning about the number 5. They collected up to 5 objects in their numbered pots and explored different ways to make shapes using just 5 multilink cubes. In phonics the children have been learning a range of digraphs and practising reading and writing words containing these digraphs. They are becoming fantastic readers!
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