“When on the ground red apples lie

in piles like shining jewels.”

                                                 Helen Hunt

Week beginning the 21st November

This week we have continued to learn about Diwali. We have made our own clay divas and rangoli patterns and have had a special visit from Mrs Kaur who helped us celebrate Diwali. We enjoyed wearing bindi’s, bracelets and headscarves and hearing about how Mrs Kaur celebrates Diwali with her family. We listened to some special music and tried some special sweets for Diwali. As a class we continued the celebrations by having our own Diwali party. We lit our divas and tasted some Indian food. Happy Diwali! 
In Maths we have been learning about the number 5. We have been collecting up to 5 objects in our numbered pots and have been exploring different ways to make shapes using just 5 multilink cubes.
In phonics we have been learning a range of digraphs and have been practising reading and writing words containing these digraphs. 

Week beginning the 14th November

This week Henrietta the hedgehog delivered us a fiction and non-fiction book about Diwali. We have spent the week finding out about the festival of light and light sources. We have made flower garlands, carefully counting the flowers as we threaded them on, divas on the modelling table and enjoyed using some Hindu artefacts in the role play area.
In science we enjoyed exploring shadows and used our problem-solving skills to light the bulb up using batteries and crocodile clips.
In Maths we have been focusing on the number 4. We worked as Collaborative Cats to find and sort a range of number and picture cards.
In phonics we have been reading and writing captions and sentences, segmenting words, re-reading our guided reading books and learning to read and spell the tricky words.
In art we have been experimenting to create different lines with a paintbrush, such as thick and thin and then we used a range of things to paint with, including a feather, a sponge and a fir cone. 

Week beginning the 7th November

This week, Henrietta delivered books about birthday celebrations. We enjoyed Kippers Birthday by Mick Inkpen and a non-fiction book about birthdays from around the world.

Bertie the Bee found a poem about a birthday cake made out of mud, which we then enjoyed making our own mud cakes at Forest School! We have been busy making birthday cards for Kipper the dog, wrapping up presents for him, acting out the story in the home corner and making a real birthday cake and eating it at his party. We played pass the parcel and enjoyed dancing at Kippers party.

In phonics we have been very busy applying what we have learned to reading and writing words and sentences. We have also been enjoying re-reading our guided reading books on our own. 

In science we investigated which light source was the brightest and used the dataloggers to help us.

In RE we went to church to learn about Baptism. William and Eleanor took baby Charlie to the font to be baptised by Father Luca, as the godparents and congregation watched on.

To end the week, we had Story Club with Mrs Barker. We voted on the books we wanted to hear and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits as we listened to stories, including Room on a Broom and Kipper’s Birthday.


week beginning 31st October 

This week Henrietta delivered the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and a recipe for pumpkin soup. We have enjoyed used pumpkin seeds to make the tricky words we have learnt,  used them for counting and to help act out the story of pumpkin soup. We have explored mixing red and yellow to make orange to paint pumpkins and have been busy hammering golf tees into pumpkins.

We have also started a science investigation to see what happens to pumpkin over time. We have put a piece in salt, a piece in lemon juice, 1 in water and we left one out in the air to see what happens… We are keeping a close eye on the pumpkin to see what happens.

In Maths we have been finding out about circles and triangles and have made pictures using the shapes and explored printing with 3D shapes to create circle and triangle prints.

We have also been chefs this week and have prepared and eaten our own pumpkin soup. Most of us found it delicious!

In Science, we have started our topic on light. We worked in groups to sort pictures into things that give us light and things that don’t.

This Henrietta left a note for us and asked us to follow a trail of  flowers to find a surprise. We followed the flowers through the school until we arrived at the eco garden and found the story book ‘Titch’ by Pat Hutchins and a non-fiction book about the seasons.

Bertie the Bee delivered the nursery rhyme ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ and so we have based a lot of our learning around flowers and growing. We had a pop-up flower shop, flowers to investigate, colour mixing and a bunch of flowers to make observational drawings.

On Tuesday we had our first Story time, with parents and children enjoying books together in our classroom.

In Maths we have been subitising (recognising small numbers without counting) and comparing numbers, exploring 1 more and 1 less. 


This week Henrietta the Hedgehog delivered ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell and Bertie the Bee left the rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ for us to enjoy. We were given a challenge to create a web for the homeless spiders using only the string, scissors and black card. 

In the construction area we created homes for the different soft toy animals and at Forest School we made spiders using natural materials.

In Maths we have been exploring and comparing size, mass and capacity. We had to find things around the classroom which would fit in a matchbox and we enjoyed making tall and short towers using counters and large bricks. We used rice to explore filling and emptying a range of different sized pots and the balance scales to find out about heavy and light objects.

We have also been continuing to create patterns to show what we learned last week.

On Tuesday we took part in our first Retreat Day with Dan and Emily. We had great fun learning new songs and we thought more about the land animals that God created for us.

In our Understanding of the World lesson, we looked at lots of family photographs to compare and contrast our different families and in art we created our own family portraits. 


Week 1

What a busy first few days! The children have been settling in very well, getting to know each other, their new classroom and lots of different routines. We have started our topic of ‘Nursery Rhymes and All About Me’ and are using Humpty Dumpty as our starting point for many of our activities. We met Henrietta the Hedgehog, who loves books and delivered ‘Green ham and eggs’ by Dr Seuss and Bertie the Bee brought us a different version of Humpty Dumpty by Michael Rosen – Humpty Dumpty went to the moon on a supersonic moon. We explored the creation station and made our own supersonic spoons. We have made walls for Humpty Dumpty in the construction area and the finger gym and used the play dough to create our own Humpty Dumpty’s. We have enjoyed exploring the classroom, including The Reading Garden, The Role Play Area and The Investigation Station.