“When on the ground red apples lie

in piles like shining jewels.”

                                                 Helen Hunt

Autumn 2 

Let’s Celebrate! 


This week Henrietta delivered the story ‘Dear Santa’ by Rod Campbell and a non-fiction book about what Christmas was like in the olden days. We have been busy creating our own stories based on Dear Santa and have been wrapping up gifts and writing lists in the role play area. On the modelling table we have been making Christmas trees and decorating them with different objects.

On Tuesday we experienced our first retreat day with Dan and Emily with a focus on Advent and how we can shine our light for Jesus. We worked together to make a giant star which became part of the whole school liturgy and thought about what we can do during this time of waiting and preparing for Jesus’ birthday.

In RE we have been learning more about the season of Advent, with a focus on prayer. We worked in groups to create our own prayer chains which then  joined together and were read out during our liturgy at the end of the RE lesson.

In our Understanding of the World lesson, we thought about the season of winter, the weather and how things change during this time of year. We then looked at some clothes  and sorted them into those which are suitable and not suitable to wear during the winter months. We also worked collaboratively to complete a new seasons jigsaw puzzle. We were very Proud Peacocks when we had completed it.

At Forest School we were busy tidying our school grounds with a link to our Advent theme which was ‘Tidy Week’. We  used the litter pickers and worked together to clear the playground of  rubbish. Good job done!

This week Henrietta delivered some books about another Festival of Light, called Hanukkah. We have used our creativity and skills to make our own menorahs on the creation station, modelling table and at Forest School.
In Maths we have been exploring circles and triangles. We worked in groups to sort some shapes and then were challenged to create a picture using them. We used 3D objects to print 2D shapes and used our nimble fingers on the Finger Gym to make circles and triangles using matchsticks and small pieces of wool. 
In RE we have started to learn at Advent and made our own Advent wreaths. In Art we looked at painting and explored making different  marks using our paintbrushes and then a range of different objects. 
This week in Reception Class we have been continuing to learn about the festival of light, including making Diwali cards for our friends, creating baskets of pretend sweets to give out at our party,  making rangoli patterns using  dough and natural resources and making fireworks with pipecleaners and beads. In the home corner we have been busy  cleaning in preparation for Diwali.

In Science we explored shadows. We used this knowledge to then create our own shadow puppets which we used to make up our own stories.

At the party, we enjoyed trying different Indian food, watching and dancing to Indian music and performing and watching our shadow puppet shows.

On Thursday we also enjoyed story time in our classroom with our families.

This week we started our new topic of ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ with a focus on birthdays. Henerietta delivered Kipper’s Birthday by Mick Inkpen and a non-fiction book about Birthdays from around the world. We had a busy week preparing for his birthday, including making party hats on the creation station, writing and making cards and making play dough cakes on the modelling table. We also enjoyed recreating birthday parties in the home corner and colour mixing to paint pictures of Kipper. In the story, Kipper goes to sleep on his table so we made our own tables for him using a range of construction materials. In the Finger Gym we had to peg up mini cards and carefully place the marbles on the golf tees (flames on the candles!)In Maths, we have been finding out about 1 more than a given number. To end the week, we made a real cake for Kipper’s party and then we enjoyed party games and eating the cake – it was delicious! At Forest School we made mud cakes for Kipper’s birthday. 

In Maths, we have been finding out about 1 more than a given number. To end the week, we made a real cake for Kipper’s party and then we enjoyed party games and eating the cake – it was delicious!

Week beginning 16th October

In Maths we have been learning about patterns. We started by exploring a range of different fabrics and were pattern detectives.  We found spotty patterns, stripey patterns, flowery ones and checked patterns. We then continued some given patterns and created our own patterns using a wide range of objects. 

Bertie the Bee left us the nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ and so we enjoyed using the doctors kit to help make people better, we explored pulleys on the investigation station and practised writing our name to create new versions of the nursery rhyme using our own names! We also continued our RE work on weddings, by making wedding cakes for the bride and groom and cards for the happy couple.

We had our first story time, with parents and carers coming along to the classroom to share books and to finish the week, we had our first story club with Mrs Barker and some of the Year1 children. We got into our onesies and pyjamas and listened to some stories as well as enjoying some hot chocolate and biscuits.

Week beginning 9th October 

In Reception Class this week, we have based a lot of our learning around Mary Mary Quite Contrary, gardens and plants. On Monday, Henrietta left us a note telling us to follow a trail of numbered flowers which led us to the school eco garden. Here we found the books, Titch by Pat Hutchins and a non-fiction book about eating plants.

We have been making flowers on the Creation Station and the modelling table. In Art, we have been using all the skills and techniques we have learned about drawing to make some observational drawings of flowers from our school garden. In Maths, we have been comparing capacity and have enjoyed using the water and the soil to explore a range of containers and to find out which holds the least and which holds the most.

In RE we have been thinking about people who care of us and visited church to take part in a pretend wedding. Thank you to Christine who led us through the ceremony. Afterwards, the bride and groom enjoyed a short trip back to school in the wedding car, while the guests showered the happy couple with confetti. Finally, the wedding party and guests all enjoyed a dance at the wedding reception.

week beginning 2nd October

This week Henrietta delivered the book Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and Bertie the Bee brought us Incy Wincy Spider. We have enjoyed looking closely at some non-fiction books about bugs and in particular spiders! We have made drainpipes and spiders on the creation station. We made cages and animal homes in the construction area and we have been busy writing letters to the zoo asking for different animals we would like. We went on a cobweb hunt around the room to find what the spiders had caught- they were very good at catching things which contained the graphemes we have learned! 

In RE we have been dancing, singing and drawing in response to listening to two different songs about psalm 139. 


In phonics we have started segmenting CVC words and have been writing labels for the objects and in Maths we have been comparing mass. We thoroughly enjoyed using the conkers we collected from the park to help with our weighing and we have been human balance scales to compare objects from around the room. 

Week beginning 18th September

Reception Class have settled well into school and are quickly learning routines and expectations and getting to know each other. Henrietta the hedgehog delivered two of her favourite books, ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers and a non-fiction book about stars. Bertie the Bee (who loves rhyme) left the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star’ in our Reading Garden. We have continued with the star theme throughout the week in our own learning time. We have been making and counting stars on the modelling table, persevering to complete a space jigsaw, sorting and identifying our new graphemes, decorating and making stars on the creation station, finding tiny stars in the finger gym and collecting them with tweezers and investigating our dark box with a torch. We have also enjoyed our role play area, Reading Garden and Maths Area. We also had our first music lesson with Mr Johnson. We learned a new song about harvest and enjoyed listening to him play his accordion. In Maths we have been comparing two groups of objects, using the vocabulary, more and fewer. In Science, we have been creating fizzing stars by adding vinegar to bicarbonate of soda. We were fascinated and very excited when we watched the reaction happen in front of our very eyes!