Reception Class Assembly


On Friday 18th November our youngest children led their first full assembly at Holy Redeemer. In RE they had been learning about people who help and care for us. They shared with us some of the things that the people who love them do for them to show that they care: such as helping them get ready for school, cooking them delicious food, hugging them, playing with them, training with them so that they can run faster and making them breakfast. The children also told their audience about the things that they do for their loved ones: fixing their mum’s phone, giving cuddles, helping with the washing, painting pictures for them and helping to clean out Daddy’s van.
The children went on to share their learning about other people in the community who care for others: doctors, nurses, teachers and  parish priests.

Here are some of the pictures that the children drew about the work of our parish priest, Father Stephen:

In class we had a wedding. During the assembly we showed the wedding album.
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The message that the children left everyone with was ‘love one another and be kind’.

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