Reception Class: Africa Topic

The start of the new half term took Reception Class to Africa. They spent some time researching the continent using books, photographs and the internet, including listening to (and dancing to) some African music. This then led us to our new book – Handa’s Hen, by Eileen Browne which is set in an African village. The children also took their learning outside, to find out about their own environment before beginning to compare our school grounds to Handa’s village. On the Creation Station the children have been creating their own mini mud huts and have used the small world area to retell the story using puppets and props.  

In Maths they have been counting and ordering numbers up to 20. As Collaborative Cats the children took part in relay races to collect and order numbers and pictorial representations up to 20. They then moved on to working in pairs to play the game ‘Race to 20’ and to individually ordering the numbers.  

In PE the children moved in time to the African music, exploring different pathways and adding a gesture to their dance.  

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