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The Stone Lion

In the first half of this term we based our literacy work on the book ‘The Stone Lion’ by Margaret Wild and Ritva Voutila.

The book tells the story of a statue that is granted a chance to become a warm, breathing creature. The stone lion has only one dream to run, pounce, and leap in the park across from where he sits. But one snowy night, when a baby is abandoned at his paws, he is compelled to think differently. This heartwarming and inspiring tale, with stunning Depression-era illustrations by Ritva Voutila, demonstrates the power of kindness and its profound ability to change lives.
Class 6 used this story to inspire their artwork and their own writing: writing their own versions of this beautiful story.


St. Paul

In Class 6 we have been learning about St Paul. We looked at the journeys he took to spread the Good News and read some of his letters.

We chose our favourite message to illustrate.

On Valentine ’s Day we read Corinthians 13 during our collective worship and then decided to write our own poems on love, in the style of St Paul:

Love is sharing a smile with someone you care about;
Love is a rope binding us all together.
Love is the sun, blazing and burning, keeping me warm.
Love is a gift: the greatest gift ever given,
Love is a flower, blooming and growing, becoming prettier every day,
Love is friendship, a place where you laugh and have fun,
Love is someone you trust, someone who understands you.
Love is somewhere you feel safe: a home,
Love is the truth; it can be enjoyable or painful,
Love is a gift; it fills us with joy and hope.

By Caitlin

Here are all the rest of the poems we wrote. We hope you enjoy them!
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