School Council

As a School Council we work hard to become great people, making a difference in our world. Have a look at the things we have been doing to live out our mission statement.

School Council Agenda 28th September

  1. Walk to school day

Mrs Sanders to meet with Mrs Garrad on 5th October…All School Council children will be invited to come to school earlier that day to organise. SC children have asked to do a traffic monitor earlier in the week to see if Walk to School Day has an effect.  (Also monitor after or on the day)

  1. Parliament day

Children present a voting afternoon to find out our favourite Roald Dahl book.  Each class reps to show their favourite book.

  1. Fund raising ideas

Children are collating ideas and will be ‘publishing’ soon.

  1. AOB

None today.


Next meeting Friday 14th October.

NOTE –  7th October…children briefly met to discuss walk to school – please bring ideas to make posters next week.