“Calm as a river
Tranquility in my heart
Blue summer skies reign.”

Paul Holmes

Year 1 Summer banner

Geography: Human & Physical Features

Year 1 have been very busy this term being amazing geographers. It all started when Miss Russell went to London and found a lost bag at the train station. After a little help from the Year 1 children, she found out that the bag belonged to Mrs Green, a traveller who has her own website. When they contacted Mrs Green to let her know that Miss Russell had found her bag, the children discovered that Mrs Green needed their help.

First of all, Mrs Green wanted the children to identify and sort out human and physical geographical features. They were able to identify what the photos were and then organise them as requested.

Task 2 was to spot the different features on some Ordnance Survey maps, which Mrs Green had sent us. This was to help us with the hardest task, which was Task 3…

For Task 3 the children had to spot features in our local area and then visit them and write about them. The children were great at this, and even used the key to help them spot even more features. We then walked around our local area and went on a trip, in the School minibus, to see a train station, a bridge, a hill and a nearby village.

Year One had worked so hard, and Mrs Green was so impressed with the information they sent her, that she came and visited us in class! She told us about all the places she had visited and set us a new task…She now wants to now find out all about the history of flying, because that’s her favourite way to travel! Of course, we have already started doing some research and we’ve made some paper air planes to look at what might make a plane fly better, or worse.

If you would like to follow Mrs Green and Year 1 in their tasks, please feel free to visit it at https://jax661.wixsite.com/my-site-1.

PE: Multi-skills

Year 1 enjoyed a multi skills session on Monday, learning several new movement games.
The children worked really hard and had fantastic listening skills. A big thanks to Empower Active for running the session.